Saturday, March 10, 2007



To anyone who doesn't already know, we are here in Australia! We arrived at the end of December after flying from Thailand on the 20th. Before we go on, a quick summary of our travels:

Best Country: Vietnam
Worst Country: India
Best Moment: Proposing to Karly at Taj Mahal
Worst Moment: 24hr bus ride from Shanghai to Beijing (it was suppose to take 13hrs!)

Heres a link to the best photos from our trip. We've tried to choose the real arty ones:

So now onto our life in Oz. We have been staying with Karly's parents for the last 2 months. They live in a place called Green Valley, which is about an hour away from the centre of Sydney. We spent Christmas day having a traditional Aussie meal, of BBQ turkey and some very nice seafood. Andy's friend Bryan was also visiting from the UK, and he stayed with us over Christmas. Andys travelling beard is no more. Karly made him shave it off!

On New Years Eve we went into Sydney to watch the fireworks on the Harbour. The fireworks were pretty impressive, but the crowds were just too big (we were nearly crushed by all the drunken Aussies). Andy's Uni friend Karina, also came out to see the Ashes, so we met up with her and Tom for a drink. As a sporting nation, Andy thinks that the Aussies are very bad winners, they brag and boast even when they have completely humiliated the English cricket team..............very unsporting.

We bought Karly's engagement ring (the proper expensive one) in February. It looks near identical to the cheaper one Andy originally bought, so Andy doesn't see the point in wasting all that money, but for some reason Karly wanted a real one.

A lot of Karly's friends have started having babies. Since we've been here we've met a few new additions. So far Oliver and Kate, with Karly's sister, Rachael, just about to give birth as well. Karly's Aunty also gave birth to very premature twins Andrew and Belinda. Unfortunately poor little Andrew only survived 3 weeks and recently passed away. But Belinda is doing OK at the moment and has put on 150grams in four weeks! She now weighs a tiny 680grams. There are also a few 30ths going on with Karlys brother-in-law, Dave, having a BBQ (and a game of football in the park), and Karly's sisters friend (also called Rachel) having a very elaborate 1920s themed party.

We are now both working in the centre of Sydney, in temping jobs. Karly is working for the Ministry of Sound in the dept that collects royalties. Andy is working for a property development company, where he is packing archive boxes. Its fair to say that Karly's job is probably the more exciting of the two...........

We have recently moved out of Karlys parents place, and are now renting a room in a shared flat in the centre of the city (right in the heart of China Town). We are sharing with 3 Irish people and 1 French student. The real spooky thing about the flat is that it is near identical to the shared flat that Andy had in Croydon (the one he lived in with Bryan, Dawson etc.). For anyone who ever visited Andys old flat, you'll know what that means! Although Karly would like to point our that this one is actually clean.

Anyway, we are due to keep working here until around beginning June. We'll then take a few weeks off to go travelling around Oz to visit a few people, before flying back to England at the beginning of July.

Keep in touch, see you all soon
Andy and Karly

P.S. Here are some photos of our time in Oz so far:


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